The triple offence and the triple revenge of Roppo, Sheara and Morshackle

Aa 1 Sheara cuts Morshackle's hair Copy 01.00_01_30_21.Still040Aa 1 Sheara cuts Morshackle's hair Copy 01.00_00_02_01.Still036Aa Sheara cuts Morshackle's hair.00_07_53_17.Still026Aa Sheara cuts Morshackle's hair.00_20_16_16.Still017B 1.00_19_41_11.Still055C.00_14_33_02.Still049C4.00_03_42_20.Still205Ab Morshackle marks Roppo's knee.00_11_10_02.Still016Ab Morshackle marks Roppo's knee.00_13_33_14.Still018Ac Roppo ties Sheara to the church door.00_10_02_07.Still024Ac Roppo ties Sheara to the church door.00_18_18_13.Still001D' garden of de.00_16_32_15.Still013D1 rehearsal home.00_15_56_00.Still032D1 rehearsal home.00_08_46_21.Still011


Sheara offended Morshackle who offended Roppo who offended Sheara. Sheara seeks revenge on Roppo who seeks revenge on Morshackle who seeks revenge on Sheara. 

Experimental Western
with Victoria Aime, Borja Lopez, Marco Mariani, Pauline Maure
in French and Spanish, with English subtitles

Granada, Spain

2022 Sismógrafo, Porto, chicha-saloon
2021 La Curie, La Courneuve, premiere screening and performance
2021 Venezia, screening and simposio III by Noa & Ambra

Selected in XPRMTL film festival (London), 2022

Selected in Hallucinea film festival (Paris, 2022)