Lonely at the party



Lonely at the Party is  a time-specific non-binding event, where one could experience a lonely party, at Torretta Metaforte (Cavallino Tre-Porti), created with Eleonora Bonino, Valerio Conti, Stefano Pelosato and Giulia Savorani. The event was built as a theatrical show, combining moving images, performances, concerts, elixir and panacea, gathering 30 different artists. The related publication is distributed by Good press, Glasgow.

Co-organisator, writer and videomaker for the festival

8 pages / folded poster
ISBN: 978-8-89848-860-5
Produced by MetaForte and MOVIES—Moving Images Arts
Designed by Martina Citarella Correa and Camilla Mazzocato 
Distributed by Good Press, Glasgow, UK, Materia Prima and Tèrmita, Porto, Portugal

Video edited by Pauline Maure
Footage shot by Valerio Conti, Pauline Maure, Giulio Nardocci, Giulia Savorani
Works by Leandro Agrò, Eta Carinae, Anna Ceccolin, Martina Citarella Correa & Gastón Blumen, Valerio Conti, Pierluca Ditano, Camilla Mazzocato, Pauline Maure, Stefano Pelosato, Francesca Rocchi, Giulia Savorani, Alessandro Vangi 
Music by Fennec iblis, Jacopo Giacomoni, Meles Meles, Luca Francio, FOG, Kasei P, MasMer, Hikari
Metaforte, Italy