R136A12A00FF420255x Blue Planet

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An extraterrestrial ASMR starring a blue hand with metal claws evolving in a handmade exoplanet landscape performing stimulating sounds, such as bubblewrap popping, sandpaper scratching, etc.

created with Victoria Aime
Paris, France

Sound recording: Victoria Aime

2022 COMETE LA NATURALEZA MUERTA, Sala Amadís, Madrid, Spain
2022 Moisturride, Vienna, Austria
2022 Saigon Experimental Film Festival, Saigon, Vietnam: satellite showing
2022 DeLiceiras18, Porto, Portugal: video installation
2022 DIAMETRALE B-sides selection, “a curated program with focus on films, that are audiovisually very exceptional or have a very special sense of humour“, Innsbruck, Austria
2021 ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival, El Segundo, California, USA
2021 Antifilm Film Festival,
2021, London, UK 2021 Guttercast Film Festival, online screening
2021 Life Screenings International One Minute Film Festival, online screening