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Fifteen meters of “toile à beurre” (literally: “butter fabric”) unrolled and carefully measured in a village-factory closely monitored by security cams. Puritan craftsmen and craftswomen perform their daily task: measuring the fabric, stretching, skimming the milk, separating the cream from the whey, making butter and custom-tailoring a dress for Pudor. In the comfort of a homely chess of drawers, the milkmaid Perrette turns water into milk. Meanwhile, the milk is dripping. 

Video 1&2: Elisa Ribes and Philae, Esther Krier, Charlotte Gaubert, Marco Mariani, Anna Lamour
Video 3: Eleonora Bonino

Video shot at Le Générateur, Gentilly, France
Video installation at De Liceiras 18,  Porto, Portugal